Sunday, 7 August 2011

Earn money online!

I know what your thinking..."oohh its a scam"

Its really not, and totally worth it! I know I can just waste a day online, or watching TV. This site pays you for your reviews. The better the review, the better paid you are. Also, if I invite you, we both get 500 points :)

Leave your emails and I'll send you an invitation, as I do believe its invitation only.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Weekly Gratitude, Week Two

* Thank you for my health
* Thank you for my boy, a lot of people aren't as lucky as me to find The One so soon
* Thank you for realising what I don't want to do as a career (ok, a spin on a negative..but things are becoming clearer!)
* Thank you for an understanding and calming Area Manager
* Thank you for the ability to be able to go home, and have a break from Southampton

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Weekly Gratitude, Week One

Pinched this idea from the lovely Natalie :)

* Thank you for my 2.1!

* Thank you for my job, and my boss

* Thank you for the new flat

* Thank you for the rain, as I got to use my new bubble umbrella

* Thank you for

* Thank you for the chain of pubs called "The Sizzler"

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Tip of the Day

In most shops, there is a "tall" section, go here and buy what is meant to be a top...and wear as a dress!

Tops are always cheaper than dresses! I found out this tip today when rummaging around New Look's sale (which has been on a while) and found a perfect dress for work. Tried it on - perfect length! It's technically a top for tall people, but comes to just above my knee.

And, it was only £6. This is a good tip if you feel an item is too short for you, go over to the tall section and they are bound to have it. Just a little bit longer!

Monday, 13 June 2011

Can't get it out my head!

If you haven't heard of The Lonely Island yet - check them out ASAP!!!

You get some funny looks when you sing this at work...

Saturday, 4 June 2011

A little less conversation....

Sorry I haven't blogged in forever, been managing the shop for the past two weeks so have't had time to breathe, let alone blog! Back home to the parentals this weekend, loving the sun! And trips out with family and friends. Not too happy I have to go back to Southampton tomorrow. But hey, its only for a year :)

Anyway, just thought I'd share with you my awesome skirt Rachel @ Love to Stitch made me!!!

Thursday, 28 April 2011

*repost* Top Tips for the Vintage Virgin

Copied and pasted from Just cus I thought it was brilliant and everyone needs to know these tips!

1. Don’t judge a Vintage garment until you’ve tried it on.

We are all trained – or is it brainwashed – by mainstream fashion about what clothes are supposed to look like. In the High Street, the range of clothing on offer is limited to what is “this season” and images are everywhere to train your brain into what you are supposed to buy.

In Vintage shops, we respect you as a thinking individual with your own taste and sense of style. Part of Vintage shopping pleasure is the wide range of options we can give you. In a Vintage boutique you will find a 60s trouser suit next to a 40s tea dress, a 70s maxi and a 30s handbag.

It does mean, though, that unless you are one of life’s natural visual thinkers you might not be able easily to imagine yourself into the range of clothes you find. So try them on.

Don’t be scared – it’s only clothes. Anything that is fragile will not be out on the sales floor, and if it is, then it’s down to the shop owner if a seam goes while you are trying something on. Just like any other goods, vintage clothes must be “fit for purpose”.

And if the sales assistant makes you feel uncomfortable & uncool then take your money somewhere else. But if they offer ideas and help – be brave and take it. You might just be surprised.

2. Don’t believe ANY Vintage size label - they are all liars

Natural bodies and the shapes made by our underwear have changed dramatically over the years. For example in 1951 the average British woman stood at just 5’2″, had a bust around 37″, waist 28″ and hips 39″. Her bust and hips were roughly in line and she had a curve in at the waist – the classic hourglass. Garments were designed to flatter this shape which was further defined with bras, girdles, corsets, stays and the like.

These days, women are on average taller and a couple of inches wider in both bust and hips. The major difference is in the waist where we are around 7″ larger. Think about that shape: hips and bust are still roughly in line but the curve of the waist is dramatically reduced. (source)

This doesn’t make our modern bodies “wrong” in any way! It just means the clothes made for previous generations may need to be adapted or worn differently to suit our modern shapes.

So don’t be downhearted if you usually buy a high street size 14 and can’t get into a Vintage dress labeled 18. Go back to the rail and look again – but this time ignore the number.

Most importantly: trust your eyes. You know your body better than any label. You know that modern sizes too are a lie: an 18 in one shop is a 14 in another. They don’t take account of the fact that you have small boobs but a big butt (or vice versa). You know that the average woman for whom garments are sized is a mathematical myth – nothing to do with us and our real bodies.

So keep browsing until your brain says – “yup, that looks like my hips” or “hmm, I think that looks about the size of what I’m wearing”. And then see point 1.

3. You get more wear from vintage - which you might want to think about it when umming & ahhing about the price

Vintage garments have already demonstrated their quality by lasting. It is a simple truth that – unless you are lucky enough to be able to afford designer clothes, today’s garments are made of poorer quality fabric than those in the past.

You know it’s true. If you have ever ironed a Vintage cotton blouse, you know that the end result will be smoother and have more sheen than any blouse you buy today. Don’t believe me? Come to my shop any day and I’ll give you a demo.

And because the Vintage clothes you choose are a real expression of your personal taste and style, you won’t be pushing them to the back of the wardrobe when high street trends change. They will become staples in your wardrobe to be enjoyed for years to come.

So when you are looking at the price tag, on “cost per wear” buying Vintage is your wise financial choice.

4: Don’t be scared to wash a Vintage garment - they have already survived worse than you could ever do

Before the 1950s, clothes were scrubbed by hand in a tub, squeezed dry through a mangle and hung outside. Electric washing machines appeared in the 50s & 60s but water was either boiling hot or luke warm and garments had to endure the spin dryer before going out to dry. The automatic machines we know today came in during the 70s and for a long time offered only inaccurate temperature adjustment as a way of dealing with different textiles & finishes.

Which all goes to say that a modern washing machine with its range of temperatures, “Delicate” and “Wool” cycles, and variable spin speeds is a far kinder wash for vintage clothes than they have experienced in the past. A cool sloosh at 30 degrees in non-bio will do your vintage frock no harm at all.

Of course hand knits, beading and other twiddly bits should be hand washed or dry cleaned – you wouldn’t put your wedding dress in the Zanussi on a boil wash – would you? That said, I have often taken the risk and put a soiled gown in the washing machine to kill or cure, usually with complete success.

If in doubt, take advice from your friendly Vintage seller. She will be able to advise and guide you. If she can’t – find one who can.

5. Alterations are cheaper and easier than you think - TRUTH: most things can be made to fit most people

There are no right ways to wear anything. Part of the pleasure of breaking away from the dictates of high street merchandisers is to make your own choices about what you like and how you want to wear it.

Often, shopping Vintage will be wonderfully easy. You put on a garment, zip it up, fall in love and live happily ever after. But if that zip stops half way up, don’t despair. Firstly think about other ways to wear the garment – do you have to do the zip up? What if you wear the whole thing back to front? Could you take a bigger garment and belt it/roll it up? When the high street merchandisers are not telling you how you are supposed to look, you can look how ever you want!

But if that solution can’t be found, then any good Vintage boutique will be able to work out how your garment can be tucked/pleated/let out/lengthened/shortened to make it work for you. It is pretty rare that a garment can’t be altered and anyone who knows their stuff should be able to guide you. If the Vintage shop you are in doesn’t offer the service themselves, ask them to recommend someone locally who can help you.

Alterations may mean you have to leave your purchase with the shop for a few days, but the thrill of putting on a garment that has been tailored to fit your body makes it absolutely 100% worth the wait. And you never know how uncomfortable your high street clothes are until you do.


So that’s our Top 5 Tips for the Vintage Virgin – someone who likes the idea of wearing vintage clothes but hasn’t yet taken the plunge. If this includes you, why not step into a Vintage store next time you pass one – preferably ours! There is never any obligation to buy and you may just end up surprising yourself.

Remember - visit!

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Collective Haul 13/4/2011

Went to the charity shop today to get some work clothes, I have to wear block colours tops...which I have about 2 tops that will pass that need!! So went charity shopping in the main town. There's only about 3, as they keep getting shut down :( Sorry for the bad pictures, took them in a rush as the camera was dying. So here we go:

Topshop Dark Coral Ruffle Blouse, bought for £3.50 (expensive for charity shop yes, but its brand new!)

Warehouse Purple Top, £1

Laura Lees Shirt, £5 ( can tell this hasn't been worn!)

Papaya Black Chiffon style Blouse, £1

New Look Dark Purple Blouse, £2.99

New Look Floral Bodycon jersey dress, £1

And now, for a small ebay haul over the last week. Not sure on some of the items...but can always swap/sell them on. Can't remember prices of things so this is just a list :)

Black Cardigan for work -

Laura Lees Dress -

1950's vintage cardigan - (this was only £4.99!!)

Also got that pastel coloured dress that was in the last OOTD. I have some BW swaps coming my way, so they will be in the next post. Let me know what you think of the clothes!


Thursday, 7 April 2011

OOTD 7/4/11

Just a quick one. Wearing my vintage dress I bought on ebay for £3.20, came in the post this morning, two days after I paid for it!!

Not that exciting, but I love the dress! The belt is borrowed from my flatmate/best fwend :)

Leggings (which I wish didn't wear - sooo hot today!) are F&F I think. Same with the pink cardi I've had for about 2 years.

You'll see the dress again in my collective haul, as soon as all my ebay goodies have arrived.

Til next time xx

Monday, 4 April 2011


Went home this weekend for Mother's Day. I made her a hamper of smellies and took her out to lunch :)

Also went shopping, but I was good as it was charity shopping (and Boots..) anyway, it's not really a haul, but I got this vintage cardigan in British Heart Foundation, for £5. Which is quite expensive for a charity shop, but they knew it was a vintage item! It's originally from Marks and Spencer (St. Michael).

I also bought Soap and Glory's Flake Away 300ml. They have 1/3 off Soap and Glory in Boots at the moment so its worth checking out!! Was only £4.42!

Friday, 1 April 2011

My new vintage maxi!

Popped into my local vintage shop today (, because last week in a quick browsing session I spotted an amazing maxi dress. So, seeing as I got the job yesterday I thought I'd go in and see how much it was. After making the owner dive into the stockroom, we found it!

I looovveee it, and at only £24 it was a bargain! I'd pay that for a new dress, but this one is a vintage that no-one else has. The owner, Catherine, also agreed as I am now on their facebook page *blush*

So here it is:

Thursday, 31 March 2011

Collective Haul/ OOTD

OOTD is a bit boring, as I had uni and then an interview at JN, so sorry, but I thought I'd start doing them as its something I like in other people's blogs!

Turquoise wrap jumper - New Look. Free, Mum's friend gave it to me.
Black Strappy Top - Primark. £3
Black Skater Skirt - Primark. Purchased on ebay for 99p.
Opaque tights - brand/price unknown
Vintage Silver Filgree Heart necklace - purchased on ebay for £1.

A collective haul over the last month:

Camel v-neck full skirt dress, from Dorothy Perkins. £10.

This looks better with a black strappy underneath, and a black waist belt.

Royal Blue Maxi Dress, from Primark. £11

(minus the waist belt - looks deeper colour in real life)

Floaty Vintage style blouse. Primark. £6. Love this one - and for only £6 who can complain!!

Cherry Prom Dress. Peacocks, £16 (was £20, but I got student discount/had a £2 voucher)

Vivienne Westwood Melissa Flats. I'm assuming they aren't real, as they cost me £16 from ebay! But look...pretty :)

Tie Rack!!


Just got the call from Tie Rack! I have the job :)

It may seem small to some, but I actually love retail and being in a high position. I'm second in charge hehe!! I have to go in on the 16th of April, so two weeks away, (which is good, because then I can get my uni work finished) and I go for training in Cheltenham for a week from the 18th-22nd. Which will be a bit scary to do on my own, seeing as I can get panic attacks just going round the city on my own. But I think this is the push I need to combat that.

So yes, Happy happy me! Got a proper grown up job :)

Interviews everywhere!

Yaaay for me, in the past week I have had/will be having five interviews!

Yesterday I had one for a supervisor position at Tie Rack, they say supervisor but its basically Assistant Manager. The interview was fairly straight forward, both the manager and area manager were there. I had to do the usual "Tell me about you" speech, and there was a few pages of questions I had to answer. Again, the usual - fashion awareness, customer service, team building etc. I'll find out by the end of the week if I have the job. Its 30hours, so I can still squeeze in some ebaying and hopefully some nail appointments in that time too.

Today (Thursday) I have one for Jane Norman. Bog standard sales advisor, 30 hours. Without blowing my own trumpet, I do have too much experience to be starting out at the bottom, but its a job and I can't afford to be fussy. Also, I've noticed the Assistant Managers don't seem to stay there, every 6months or so they are looking for a new one! So there's always prospects of going up.

I haven't told any of them that I'll be moving away in a year, but the manager of Tie Rack did say there was lots of opportunity to move about and up the company. So that would be perfect if I got that one! There are loads of people going for it though, so I'm not getting my hopes up too much.

Tomorrow will be my second interview for Sole Trader, it's for a Trainee Manager role. I'm pretty sure you start on min wage, but to be honest not a lot of info was given in the first interview. I'm sure I'll find out everything tomorrow! This job is one that I really want too. It would give me some great training, and seeing as I have to stay in this craphole of a city another year, I want a job I will enjoy and that I can further myself with.

And finally - on Monday, an interview for Wallis. Now, I don't shop in Wallis. Its more of a Mum shop I think. But they are apart of the Arcadia group. So hello Topshop/Dorothy Perkins etc. Apparently, they are also a good company to work for, with a lot of prospects in head office and around other stores.

Anyway! Wish me luck <3

Monday, 21 March 2011

Why you shouldn't work for River Island

As some of you may know, I recently got a job a River Island. I lasted 5 weeks. Bad, I know, but when I list my reasons why you will wonder why I stayed so long. All names have been changed.

So, to begin with I went for the interview. Which was an hour late. Yes, I was hanging around in the store for an hour waiting for the Assistant Manager...lets call her Laura. Now, the interview itself was a bog standard conversation, in which we were interrupted numerous times by staff members walking into the office. In this interview, I was told the hours. Nine hours a week, doing delivery. Not the Sales Advisor job I applied for. The hours were Monday 6-9am, Tuesday 11-2 and Friday 6-9am. I got the phone call that I got the job a few hours later, and I had to go for an induction the next day.

So off I go to the induction, which fell on a Saturday. I arrived a bit early, and as you'd expect there were a few Saturday workers outside waiting to go in. Instead of ignoring them and sitting on the bench behind them on my own I decide to go talk to them. So off I go, all smiles and introduce myself. Out of six people, one said hello to me and introduced themselves. One. Which by the way, was a guy. The other five girls pretty much sneered at me and carried on talking between themselves.

The rest of the day was OK. There were a few more snotty nosed RI workers, but there were also a few nice ones.

Now, don't get me wrong, not everyone who works there is a snotty fashion person. I made a few friends on delivery who weren't complete morons, but alas...a lot of them were.

So, the 6-9am shift. This one was fine, we had a lovely manager (I'll call her Wendy) and she really went out of her way to make sure we understood what was happening and the way things needed to be done. The only problem with this shift was the going to bed at 9/10 the night before, and getting up at 5am, to then drive in and pay £4 for that privilege. Yeah, £4 to park for three hours. I live about a 15min walk away from West Quay, so yes I could walk in. But not at 5am, in Southampton. I like not being raped thanks! So as I said, I made some friends. But there were also people who I'm actually quoting just because they were so moronic.

1. " Maaaatteee, I spent £80 last niiiight getting totally wasted, can't afford my bus this week either so might have to skive a few shifts."

2. "Omg, do you think if I lie and say I have body dismorphia I can get free plastic surgery?"

3. (Whilst hanging a dress) "Wow, this is a really long skirt" (It was obviously a dress too, it had sleeves)

Oh and now the joys that were the Tuesday shift. The "manager" for this shift was the most arrogant, self absorbed, fashion moron ever. I'll call him Chris. This lovely man, apparently hates women. Or he just thinks that because he is obviously God's gift, he can treat girls like shit. When he asks me what degree I did, his reply was "Is that actually a degree? That's pathetic" - By the way, I find out later that he dropped out of the same university I'm at. Yeh, well done.

He continued to attempt to belittle me about my life and appearance (tattoos and bright red hair seem to anger the moron). Oh and by the way, the next week he dyes his hair light bulb blonde.

All this for minimum wage. YAAAAAY.

Other factors are the fact the managers treat you like crap, they talk to you like you are something on their shoe...they also give disciplinaries for pretty much nothing. One girl told me that she almost got one because the manager didn't write down that she had called in sick. To prove she had phoned in, she had to bring in phone records. This same girl was pretty ill on one of my Tuesday shifts, and had to go sit down. It was obvious she wasn't well, as she was pale and looked very faint. "Chris" called her a faker and a lazy worker. Such compassion!

So, if you wanted to be treated badly, and paid badly for manual labour then feel free to apply to River Island! They seem to employ managers with no souls or compassion for the human race. And there are so many rumours flying around the Internet they are going down the pan. I wonder why?

Thanks for taking the time to read my mini rant - there are more factors but I have a cat laying on my laptop now so its getting hard to write. I know its boring sometimes reading a load of text, so here's a cute picture:

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Sorry it's been so long!! But look, a haul!

Yeh. my bad. Sorry it's been so long, been rather bogged down with uni work and real life work (on that note, never work at River Island - will be doing a rant post soon!!)

Anyway, a few bits I've bagged recently on the lovely, all of these have been swapped, not bought:
Size 8-10 Maxi Dress, brand unknown.

French Connection lace dress, size 10 (cant wait for this one!!)

Replica Chloe Paddington bag:

And these beauts from ebay, from Topshop but are a 100% copy of Viv Westwood "Melissa" shoes.

Small post I know, but thats all I've got in the last two weeks!! Will be back soon, promise xx

Monday, 31 January 2011

Hello Boys...

You all remember this WonderBra campaign right?

The advert showed the stunning model, Eva Herzigov√°, looking down at her curves and her breasts. Now, if you read about her on Wikipedia etc, all it will say is the usual - who she married, who she is, where she is now.

What it won't tell you is this:

Yep, that's the same woman. Now, I know model culture promotes the joys of being thin, but seeing as she had such an amazing, and famous campaign being the curvy size she was...well...what the hell happened?

Maybe it shows how model society has changed, since 1994 when this advertisement was launched, to now. Via this path, we have encountered "Heroin Chic" (yes its a real thing - jutting bones and dark circles), thanks to the over hyped Kate Moss. Eva was a role model in the early 1990's, and now she has just succumbed to the model life of being insanely skinny. And I understand that some girls are naturally a UK size 2/4/6 etc, but as we can see from 1994 - this is not Eva's natural state.

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Getting the one year itch....

For another tattoo. I've always wanted a sugar/candy skull. But I love love love Sylvia Ji's paintings:

I want it! She's so beautiful, and by far my favourite. I also want a locket, in the shape of an old school gypsy head (like Valerie Vargas' work), lace pattern, a cameo, cherries...oh there's so many!! Lots of old school style stuff really.


Friday, 28 January 2011

German bosses can now order women to wear bras to work

German bosses can now order women to wear bras to work, after a court ruling in North Rhine-Westphalia on Wednesday 12th January.

But they should be flesh or white coloured only – as bright colours may ‘shine through.’

The State Labour Court in North Rhine-Westphalia made the ruling during a case involving the dress and grooming habits of airport security personnel, but its decisions will apply to all workplaces in the most populous German state.

The ruling wasn’t a complete victory for bosses though – while the length of a female employee’s fingernails can be determined by her immediate superiors, companies do not have the right to ban certain shades of nail polish.

And while they can ensure hair is clean and groomed and order male employees to keep their beard in check, wigs – banned under the airport security personnel’s rulebook – can still be worn.

Who said the German government was controlling?! Too soon? :)

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Girl With The Dragon Tattoo vs Davey Havok.

Just watching "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo". How much does lead role Lisbeth Salander look like Davey Havok (Lead singer of AFI):



Thursday, 20 January 2011

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Best website EVER


Woops I spent more money Haul!

Well... I can justify this. All the H&M dresses were £7 each, so £21 for all 3 dresses. Also, most of them were down from £25-30. So BARGAIN! The Mela Loves London dress was £5 (down from £24.99) and I used my New Look vouchers. So four dresses for £21 reaaaally. Anyway, here are the pictures:(click on them to make them bigger!)

Vintage style Cream lace dress (can be worn either way, but the exposed zip is techincally the front)

Again, this dress can be worn either way. Zip way is the front though. Not something I would usually go for. But it was cheap and looks nice on :)

Black lace skater dress, exposed zip at back this time, but again can probably wear it either way. Crap photos, my phone doesnt like black!

Mela loves london Russian Doll Wool dress:

How cute are the russian dolls?!