Thursday, 31 March 2011

Collective Haul/ OOTD

OOTD is a bit boring, as I had uni and then an interview at JN, so sorry, but I thought I'd start doing them as its something I like in other people's blogs!

Turquoise wrap jumper - New Look. Free, Mum's friend gave it to me.
Black Strappy Top - Primark. £3
Black Skater Skirt - Primark. Purchased on ebay for 99p.
Opaque tights - brand/price unknown
Vintage Silver Filgree Heart necklace - purchased on ebay for £1.

A collective haul over the last month:

Camel v-neck full skirt dress, from Dorothy Perkins. £10.

This looks better with a black strappy underneath, and a black waist belt.

Royal Blue Maxi Dress, from Primark. £11

(minus the waist belt - looks deeper colour in real life)

Floaty Vintage style blouse. Primark. £6. Love this one - and for only £6 who can complain!!

Cherry Prom Dress. Peacocks, £16 (was £20, but I got student discount/had a £2 voucher)

Vivienne Westwood Melissa Flats. I'm assuming they aren't real, as they cost me £16 from ebay! But look...pretty :)

Tie Rack!!


Just got the call from Tie Rack! I have the job :)

It may seem small to some, but I actually love retail and being in a high position. I'm second in charge hehe!! I have to go in on the 16th of April, so two weeks away, (which is good, because then I can get my uni work finished) and I go for training in Cheltenham for a week from the 18th-22nd. Which will be a bit scary to do on my own, seeing as I can get panic attacks just going round the city on my own. But I think this is the push I need to combat that.

So yes, Happy happy me! Got a proper grown up job :)

Interviews everywhere!

Yaaay for me, in the past week I have had/will be having five interviews!

Yesterday I had one for a supervisor position at Tie Rack, they say supervisor but its basically Assistant Manager. The interview was fairly straight forward, both the manager and area manager were there. I had to do the usual "Tell me about you" speech, and there was a few pages of questions I had to answer. Again, the usual - fashion awareness, customer service, team building etc. I'll find out by the end of the week if I have the job. Its 30hours, so I can still squeeze in some ebaying and hopefully some nail appointments in that time too.

Today (Thursday) I have one for Jane Norman. Bog standard sales advisor, 30 hours. Without blowing my own trumpet, I do have too much experience to be starting out at the bottom, but its a job and I can't afford to be fussy. Also, I've noticed the Assistant Managers don't seem to stay there, every 6months or so they are looking for a new one! So there's always prospects of going up.

I haven't told any of them that I'll be moving away in a year, but the manager of Tie Rack did say there was lots of opportunity to move about and up the company. So that would be perfect if I got that one! There are loads of people going for it though, so I'm not getting my hopes up too much.

Tomorrow will be my second interview for Sole Trader, it's for a Trainee Manager role. I'm pretty sure you start on min wage, but to be honest not a lot of info was given in the first interview. I'm sure I'll find out everything tomorrow! This job is one that I really want too. It would give me some great training, and seeing as I have to stay in this craphole of a city another year, I want a job I will enjoy and that I can further myself with.

And finally - on Monday, an interview for Wallis. Now, I don't shop in Wallis. Its more of a Mum shop I think. But they are apart of the Arcadia group. So hello Topshop/Dorothy Perkins etc. Apparently, they are also a good company to work for, with a lot of prospects in head office and around other stores.

Anyway! Wish me luck <3

Monday, 21 March 2011

Why you shouldn't work for River Island

As some of you may know, I recently got a job a River Island. I lasted 5 weeks. Bad, I know, but when I list my reasons why you will wonder why I stayed so long. All names have been changed.

So, to begin with I went for the interview. Which was an hour late. Yes, I was hanging around in the store for an hour waiting for the Assistant Manager...lets call her Laura. Now, the interview itself was a bog standard conversation, in which we were interrupted numerous times by staff members walking into the office. In this interview, I was told the hours. Nine hours a week, doing delivery. Not the Sales Advisor job I applied for. The hours were Monday 6-9am, Tuesday 11-2 and Friday 6-9am. I got the phone call that I got the job a few hours later, and I had to go for an induction the next day.

So off I go to the induction, which fell on a Saturday. I arrived a bit early, and as you'd expect there were a few Saturday workers outside waiting to go in. Instead of ignoring them and sitting on the bench behind them on my own I decide to go talk to them. So off I go, all smiles and introduce myself. Out of six people, one said hello to me and introduced themselves. One. Which by the way, was a guy. The other five girls pretty much sneered at me and carried on talking between themselves.

The rest of the day was OK. There were a few more snotty nosed RI workers, but there were also a few nice ones.

Now, don't get me wrong, not everyone who works there is a snotty fashion person. I made a few friends on delivery who weren't complete morons, but alas...a lot of them were.

So, the 6-9am shift. This one was fine, we had a lovely manager (I'll call her Wendy) and she really went out of her way to make sure we understood what was happening and the way things needed to be done. The only problem with this shift was the going to bed at 9/10 the night before, and getting up at 5am, to then drive in and pay £4 for that privilege. Yeah, £4 to park for three hours. I live about a 15min walk away from West Quay, so yes I could walk in. But not at 5am, in Southampton. I like not being raped thanks! So as I said, I made some friends. But there were also people who I'm actually quoting just because they were so moronic.

1. " Maaaatteee, I spent £80 last niiiight getting totally wasted, can't afford my bus this week either so might have to skive a few shifts."

2. "Omg, do you think if I lie and say I have body dismorphia I can get free plastic surgery?"

3. (Whilst hanging a dress) "Wow, this is a really long skirt" (It was obviously a dress too, it had sleeves)

Oh and now the joys that were the Tuesday shift. The "manager" for this shift was the most arrogant, self absorbed, fashion moron ever. I'll call him Chris. This lovely man, apparently hates women. Or he just thinks that because he is obviously God's gift, he can treat girls like shit. When he asks me what degree I did, his reply was "Is that actually a degree? That's pathetic" - By the way, I find out later that he dropped out of the same university I'm at. Yeh, well done.

He continued to attempt to belittle me about my life and appearance (tattoos and bright red hair seem to anger the moron). Oh and by the way, the next week he dyes his hair light bulb blonde.

All this for minimum wage. YAAAAAY.

Other factors are the fact the managers treat you like crap, they talk to you like you are something on their shoe...they also give disciplinaries for pretty much nothing. One girl told me that she almost got one because the manager didn't write down that she had called in sick. To prove she had phoned in, she had to bring in phone records. This same girl was pretty ill on one of my Tuesday shifts, and had to go sit down. It was obvious she wasn't well, as she was pale and looked very faint. "Chris" called her a faker and a lazy worker. Such compassion!

So, if you wanted to be treated badly, and paid badly for manual labour then feel free to apply to River Island! They seem to employ managers with no souls or compassion for the human race. And there are so many rumours flying around the Internet they are going down the pan. I wonder why?

Thanks for taking the time to read my mini rant - there are more factors but I have a cat laying on my laptop now so its getting hard to write. I know its boring sometimes reading a load of text, so here's a cute picture:

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Sorry it's been so long!! But look, a haul!

Yeh. my bad. Sorry it's been so long, been rather bogged down with uni work and real life work (on that note, never work at River Island - will be doing a rant post soon!!)

Anyway, a few bits I've bagged recently on the lovely, all of these have been swapped, not bought:
Size 8-10 Maxi Dress, brand unknown.

French Connection lace dress, size 10 (cant wait for this one!!)

Replica Chloe Paddington bag:

And these beauts from ebay, from Topshop but are a 100% copy of Viv Westwood "Melissa" shoes.

Small post I know, but thats all I've got in the last two weeks!! Will be back soon, promise xx