Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Collective Haul 13/4/2011

Went to the charity shop today to get some work clothes, I have to wear block colours tops...which I have about 2 tops that will pass that need!! So went charity shopping in the main town. There's only about 3, as they keep getting shut down :( Sorry for the bad pictures, took them in a rush as the camera was dying. So here we go:

Topshop Dark Coral Ruffle Blouse, bought for £3.50 (expensive for charity shop yes, but its brand new!)

Warehouse Purple Top, £1

Laura Lees Shirt, £5 ( can tell this hasn't been worn!)

Papaya Black Chiffon style Blouse, £1

New Look Dark Purple Blouse, £2.99

New Look Floral Bodycon jersey dress, £1

And now, for a small ebay haul over the last week. Not sure on some of the items...but can always swap/sell them on. Can't remember prices of things so this is just a list :)

Black Cardigan for work -

Laura Lees Dress -

1950's vintage cardigan - (this was only £4.99!!)

Also got that pastel coloured dress that was in the last OOTD. I have some BW swaps coming my way, so they will be in the next post. Let me know what you think of the clothes!



  1. *cough* photos of my dress! *cough*
    but i loooove the white blouse!

  2. Ohh I will do! Want to put that one on for pictures :) Its a lil bit big cus ive lost some weight! But its all good :) xx

  3. That Laura Lees shirt is gorgeous, great find! x