Thursday, 31 March 2011

Collective Haul/ OOTD

OOTD is a bit boring, as I had uni and then an interview at JN, so sorry, but I thought I'd start doing them as its something I like in other people's blogs!

Turquoise wrap jumper - New Look. Free, Mum's friend gave it to me.
Black Strappy Top - Primark. £3
Black Skater Skirt - Primark. Purchased on ebay for 99p.
Opaque tights - brand/price unknown
Vintage Silver Filgree Heart necklace - purchased on ebay for £1.

A collective haul over the last month:

Camel v-neck full skirt dress, from Dorothy Perkins. £10.

This looks better with a black strappy underneath, and a black waist belt.

Royal Blue Maxi Dress, from Primark. £11

(minus the waist belt - looks deeper colour in real life)

Floaty Vintage style blouse. Primark. £6. Love this one - and for only £6 who can complain!!

Cherry Prom Dress. Peacocks, £16 (was £20, but I got student discount/had a £2 voucher)

Vivienne Westwood Melissa Flats. I'm assuming they aren't real, as they cost me £16 from ebay! But look...pretty :)


  1. and i hope when you get the dress there will be pictures ;)

  2. There will be! Post has been a bit slow so hopefully it should get here tomorrow xx

  3. Could you link me to the shoes? Are they comfy? I'm thinking about selling my genuine ones! :(