Thursday, 31 March 2011

Interviews everywhere!

Yaaay for me, in the past week I have had/will be having five interviews!

Yesterday I had one for a supervisor position at Tie Rack, they say supervisor but its basically Assistant Manager. The interview was fairly straight forward, both the manager and area manager were there. I had to do the usual "Tell me about you" speech, and there was a few pages of questions I had to answer. Again, the usual - fashion awareness, customer service, team building etc. I'll find out by the end of the week if I have the job. Its 30hours, so I can still squeeze in some ebaying and hopefully some nail appointments in that time too.

Today (Thursday) I have one for Jane Norman. Bog standard sales advisor, 30 hours. Without blowing my own trumpet, I do have too much experience to be starting out at the bottom, but its a job and I can't afford to be fussy. Also, I've noticed the Assistant Managers don't seem to stay there, every 6months or so they are looking for a new one! So there's always prospects of going up.

I haven't told any of them that I'll be moving away in a year, but the manager of Tie Rack did say there was lots of opportunity to move about and up the company. So that would be perfect if I got that one! There are loads of people going for it though, so I'm not getting my hopes up too much.

Tomorrow will be my second interview for Sole Trader, it's for a Trainee Manager role. I'm pretty sure you start on min wage, but to be honest not a lot of info was given in the first interview. I'm sure I'll find out everything tomorrow! This job is one that I really want too. It would give me some great training, and seeing as I have to stay in this craphole of a city another year, I want a job I will enjoy and that I can further myself with.

And finally - on Monday, an interview for Wallis. Now, I don't shop in Wallis. Its more of a Mum shop I think. But they are apart of the Arcadia group. So hello Topshop/Dorothy Perkins etc. Apparently, they are also a good company to work for, with a lot of prospects in head office and around other stores.

Anyway! Wish me luck <3


  1. good luck i worked at jane norman for 2 years bain of my life! lol

  2. Well done on getting the interviews...I hope they go well...Keep us posted :D xx

  3. I'm so jealous! Good luck in everything, any job will do because I'm sure non will be as awful as River Island!

    Best of luck!

  4. @ Fayella, read my new post! It was the weirdest interview ever :/

    Forever sweet and Meowcake, thank you both for the luck, I did get pooed on by a bird on my way to the interview, and thats suppose to be lucky, right?! Haha!