Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Get Cutie?

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I came across these dresses purely by accident! Someone had one on ebay, that I bought not knowing what brand it was. I googled it, and came to this stunning website - Typical, when I'm trying to save money I come across dresses which are perfect for my personality and look! They all have a twist of rockabilly/gothic feel, but made so beautifully they give you amazing shape. I also adore the fact they have REAL women modelling these dresses.

No stick thin lollypop heads in sight. The dresses are a bit ouch on the wallet - but they are handmade and you can request any material that is on the site. They also state: "If we haven't got it in your size or fabric then we'll make it." How perfect?! Literally the only downside is the price, but for a special occassion I would buy one, and then it can be easily worn in the daytime too. Pair it with leggings and flats and you're away!

The picture above was one of my favourites, the cut of the dress makes your boobies look fantastic dhaaaaarling!

(plus note - i do not get paid for any reviews. I write about something if I like it!)

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