Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Elvis in Home Alone????

Very scary indeed. There is a lot of speculation about good old Elvis Aron...Sure, if he wanted to stay hidden then he wouldn't be in a massive blockbuster. But, what if he is teasing us? I thought the whole "Elvis is still alive" thing was just lunatic fans clinging on to hope. But you have to admit - that guy looks like him. Also, after some further research it looks like that extra was never on the books. No-one who made the film knows who he was, or has him down for being paid. He isn't in any other shots in the film, which he would have been, especially in an airport. Directors won't just use one extra once.

Now, I'm not some mental Elvis fan. The boyfriend just came across this one day and we looked into it a bit further. I'm not sure what to a joke once, Elvis faked his own death infront of his friends and family. He hired someone to come in and "shoot" him. Of course it was blanks, but why do this to your friends and family? Also, once he was so ill he needed to go to hospital, and he couldn't get out as there were too many fans surrounding his house. I mean, if you were that famous wouldn't you fake your own death?

Things are not always as they seem.

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