Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Skulls and McQueen

My bargain of the week...

Not a real Alexander Mcqueen scarf, unfortunatley for me I can't afford £130+ on a scarf! However, I have found this little beauty on ebay.
This is the real scarf is the picture above. The nice little copy of it I found only costs £3.27!! Ok, it's from Hong Kong, so it may take a week or two to reach you. But for a scarf under a fiver who's complaining? I have obtained one of these lovely scarfs through a swap on Big Wardrobe, it's obviously not silk like the A.McQueen, but it is the softest cotton. Great as a summer scarf, draped around your neck casually, and then in the winter all bundled up :)

Ebay link here:

(seller: e.topsell)

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