Saturday, 31 July 2010


Sorry - I've been a bad blogger. Our internet died and has only popped back this last week. We had some drama this weekend. A stray kitten! So, my boyfriend and his mate go outside for a smoke. My boyfriend comes in about 2mins later, as theres a kitten in the garden. Thinking it would be a few months old (therefore allowed outside)

But nope, this kitten is about 4-5 weeks, with no collar or chip. I phoned the vets asking what we should do, and she said keep it in your house, as its probably gotten out or the owners shouldnt be allowed it if they are letting a baby that young out.

So now we have a surrogate kitten! Which our cat isnt too happy about but we'll have to keep them in seperate rooms. We are going to flyer our road tomorrow...but I just hope the person who owns it hasnt let it out. Because thats just cruel, especially as we live on a main road.

She has now been picked up by the RSPCA, and hopefully they will find her owners or find her a new home. We have to wait a few weeks, then we can call and ask.

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