Thursday, 4 November 2010

In The Night Light, We Still Shine Bright - The Jewellery Box

Hi guys! Can only do a quicky today as I have lots of uni work to do :(

I came across a company called "The Jewellery Box" yesterday via Pink Haired Princess' blog. Firstly...all I need to say is, HOW PREEDY!!!!

If you love statment rings, this is the place to go. Although I haven't ordered anything for myself (YET!), I shall be placing an order soon! Doing a bit of research on their facebook page (, customers are coming back time and time again - a reassurance quality is perfect!

You may have spotted the horse ring on x-factor (if anyone is still watching it...) and The Jewellery Box have stocked these, I'm not 100% if they still have some left but its worth asking. For all you girls who still like statment rings, but aren't too sure about the colours of the bird ring, there are other choices. Another one of my favourites is this stunner:

It has a very vintage feel to it, with an updated style of "the statement ring". Prices range from around £6-£30. They also make a select few bracelets and earrings, all very unique and beautiful. One thing assured, whatever item you buy, you will get some many compliments!! I love that feeling of having a unique item, and being asked where it's from.

So go girls! Get a beautiful handmade statement item :)


  1. Not sure how you feel about blog awards but I thought I would give you one :)

    It's the "Versatile Blogger" award. I think your blog has many different and interesting things!

    You can find the link to your award here:

  2. Aww thank you hun! Never heard of them before, but thats lovely of you xx