Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Goddiva? God AWFUL.

Many of you might know about this 3p flash sale had. It was a joke. The website crashed, which they should have prepared for!

Hardly anyone got these 3p dresses, most of the items were still coming up full price in the checkout. Thats if you were lucky enough to get that far.

Shocking customer service, they weren't even bothering to answer their phones on the customer service line. All together? Seems like a scam to get more hits on the website, therefore, more advertisers interested.

Not happy Goddiva!


  1. I agree!!! Never buying anything from them!

  2. i know it was bad wasnt it, i added an item and when finally got to checkout after refreshing a million times,it was charging me full price.
    i was told it was a glitch.
    added something else but could never get through checkout.
    i have been sent an order reciept even though i didnt get through checkout so maybe they are giving it to me for free?
    terrible though they will lose buyers over this little fiasco :(